Commercial Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Power Pack

  • System Sentinel™ L.E.D. diagnostic system

  • Immersion Thermostat

  • Lifeguard stainless steel elements

  • 208, 240, 277, and 480 voltages

  • Manual reset high limit control

  • Magnetic contactors and integral fusing

  • Hot outlet and cold inlet are 3/4" NPT plastic lined nipples which prevent excessive turbulence of heated water and results in optimum tank draw

  • 85% of the tank surface area of all Rheem-Ruud Commercial Electric products are insulated with 2-1/2" of rigid polyurethane foam insulation

  • Heavy duty anode rods. Full port, full flow brass drain valve

  • Factory installed AGA/ASME rated Temperature and Pressure relief valve

  • Specifications

    3 KW - 36 KW
    208, 240, 277 and 480 voltages
    System Sentinel™ LED diagnostic system
    Immersion thermostat
    Lifeguard™ stainless steel element
    12, 20, 30 and 40 gallon capacities

  • Certifications

    Hvac CertHvac cERTHvac Cert

Water Heaters


  • SPIDERfire® is a family of ultra high efficiency commercial gas water heaters with up to a 97 percent thermal efficiency.

  • The advanced line of 80 and 100-gallon Rheem-Ruud SPIDERfire condensing water heaters offers breakthrough technology. It provides up to 97%thermal efficiency. The patented heat transfer system dramatically cuts fuel costs and is built to last. Models are available that range from130,000-399,900 Btu/h, with a maximum temperature setting of 185 degrees.

  • The new diagnostic system is standard on all SPIDERfire models. It enables installers and service technicians to monitor key functions and components. The display is located at eye level and includes a scrollable, operational history to detail usage patterns and assist with troubleshooting.

  • The heart of the SPIDERfire is its patented multi-leg, triple pass heat exchanger. The system is engineered as a ‘wet base’ design wherein the entire heat exchanger is submerged. That eliminates hot spots found in some other fully condensing water heaters. When hot spots are eliminated, the life of the product is extended and efficiency is maximized. These products are built to last.

  • Three-pass heat exchanger tubes are coated inside and out with a specially formulated porcelain enamel designed to protect against condensation.

  • Hot and cold water Inlets and outlets on both sides of the unit provide installation flexibility.

  • Factory installed brass drain valve allows for faster draining and servicing.

  • Energy saving ignition that ignites pilot only when there is a call for heat.

  • Certified up to 8,999 feet

  • CSA/ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve

  • Specifications

    Sealed-combustion design delivers 97% thermal efficiency dramatically reducing operating cost
    130,000 - 399,900 Btu/hr
    80 and 100 gallon capacity
    ENERGY STAR® certified for models up to 199,000 Btu/hr.

  • Certifications

    Hvac CertHvac cERTHvac CertHvac CertHvac Cert

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